5 free family outings in Portishead

Family day out

Family day out - Credit: Getty Images/iStockphoto

Have a free family day out in Portishead- all you need to spend is a bit of energy to have a wonderful time in one of the liveliest towns on the North Somerset coast.

‘Gas Oil Bull’ © Su-- May, Flickr

‘Gas Oil Bull’ © Su-- May, Flickr - Credit: Archant

Portishead Marina Art Trail

Port Marine Public Art is an amazing art trail covering beautiful Portishead Marina. The trail actively encourages you to get close to the creations and children are completely captivated by everything from giant metal oxen to message mazes. They love following the colourful map and finding firm favourites out of the 30 plus artworks- and no one tells you to be quiet or not to touch! This is Portishead Public Art and it’s all about getting involved.


‘Portishead Point’ © Ben Salter, Flickr

‘Portishead Point’ © Ben Salter, Flickr - Credit: Archant

Battery Point

A lighthouse, acres of space to play, picnic places, wildlife and endless free family fun, there’s nothing we don’t like about Battery Point. The famous Battery Point lighthouse is one of the best known sights on the Bristol Channel and has some of the finest views in North Somerset. Eastwood and Battery Point Nature Reserve give you 8 hectares of wild adventure to explore any way you want. If you get tired of the activity, take a break and just enjoy the magnificent Portishead scenery.

15 minutes walk from Portishead town centre

‘Portishead to Clevedon’ © Sam Saunders, Flickr

‘Portishead to Clevedon’ © Sam Saunders, Flickr - Credit: Archant

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Portishead to Clevedon Coastal Walk

Visit two of the prettiest seaside towns in North Somerset and observe some of the area’s dramatic coastline at the same time. The path runs along the cliff tops and looks out over the Bristol Channel to Wales and all the way down to Weston-super-Mare. There are beaches to play on, plenty to see with every step and if you take it easy, it can be a great walk for children too. On the way back to Portishead, go inland parallel to the coast and walk the Gordano Valley Nature Reserve path for a change of pace.

Portishead to Clevedon is approximately 7.5 miles and 3 hours 15 minutes walking time

‘Model Sailing’ © Matthew Sylvester, Flickr

‘Model Sailing’ © Matthew Sylvester, Flickr - Credit: Archant

Portishead Lake Grounds

Spring and summer is a great time of year to visit the lake’s grounds. The boating pond is a firm favourite with model boat enthusiasts and there are plenty of beautiful crafts to admire. Observe the resident ducks and swans that frequent the lake or play family games on open stretches of well-tended grass. The grounds are right next to the sea, so you can take in even more of those magnificent Portishead views.

15 minutes walk from Portishead town centre

‘Gordano Valley’ © Massif, Flickr

‘Gordano Valley’ © Massif, Flickr - Credit: Archant

Gordano Valley Nature Reserve

Once you have spent a day exploring the nature reserve it is hard to imagine the hustle and bustle of Portishead is just minutes away. The stunning moors and enchanting woodland make it a great day out for all of the family and a delicious picnic and a good book are some of the essentials needed for a relaxing time in the Gordano Valley.

12 minutes drive from Portishead town centre.