Portishead RBL clinch promotion despite defeat

PUBLISHED: 11:42 05 September 2017 | UPDATED: 11:42 05 September 2017




Portishead RBL C team clinched promotion, despite losing to Winscombe in Somerset North Division 3.

Portishead RBL C team clinched promotion, despite losing to Winscombe, while the A team managed to avoid relegation with a 12-0 victory over Watchet.

Portishead RBL 60, Clarence 114 (Weston Over-60s League): N Castleton, P Bradshaw, D Gregory 18-24; R White, B Scruby, J Bridle 9-22; D Vowles, D Iles, D Groves 6-23; A Britton, G Chidzey, K Martin 19-17; A Longdon, A Gwynn, J Nichols 16-16; M Balsiger, A Strong, B Norman 11-29.

Portishead RBL 106, Nailsea 110 (C&D Over-60s League): D Welsh, K Lane, D Gregory 22-20; R White, B Scruby, R Withey 20-17; T Smith, P Bradshaw, I Gough 18-18; A Longdon, M Roberts, T Birth 9-19; D Vowles, D Iles, J Nichols 18-16; A Britton, A Gwynn, N Rogers 19-20.

Portishead RBL 75, Watchet 50 (Somerset Premier League): I Gough, B Daly, T Pearce, T Winmill 27-11; T Birth, J Bridle, C Pearce, S Secker 26-21; J Nichols, K Martin, D Groves, D Gregory 22-18.

Portishead RBL 47, Congresbury 63 (Somerset North Division 1): D Welsh, K Hoyles, D Yeates, A Strong 14-18; A Britton, A Gray, K Lane, R Withey 17-21; J McCarthy, M Balsiger, T Barnes, N Rogers 16-24.

Portishead RBL C 50, Winscombe 74 (Somerset North Division 3): A Longdon, N Castleton, G Chidzey, A Gwynn 23-19; R White, J Davies, P Bradshaw, D Iles 12-27; T Staniland, T Eden, M Roberts, J Scott 15-28.

The conclusion of the national finals at Leamington, saw Andy Mace eliminated in the two-wood singles at the preliminary round stage.

The mixed fours comprising of Laura Holden, James Branfeld, Neil Westlake and Stef Branfield, reached the last 16 where they were beaten by Northamptonshire.

The ladies’ winning run in the county Southey Trophy came to an end in the semi-final when they lost 4-0 to Bath.

Clevedon 75, Congresbury 113 (C&D Over-60s League): M Archer, C Folland, G Woods 15-17; T Townsend, M Cole, B Wrightson 13-11; A Brooks, P Battram, N Cape 9-26; R Gaunt, D Priddle, R Seward 17-21; MJ Cole, G Tripp, R Greenslade 14-14; H Austin, G Bethune, B Whittaker 7-24.

Clevedon 0, Bath 4 (Southey Trophy) – four-wood singles: S Short 14-21; pairs: T Cuff, L Palmer 14-17; triples: P Hussey, M Foster, J Branfield 14-26; fours: T Nicholson, S George, J Drewitt, A Foster 13-24.

Clevedon Ladies 64, Mark Moor 44 (Wessex League): S George, H Sutton, A Ford, S Branfield 35-14; D Brown, L Wills, M Foster, L Palmer 17-20; J Henderson, G Townsend, P Hussey, T Cuff 22-10.

Clevedon 92, Palmer Green 116 (mixed friendly): R Conybeare, S George, B Davis 15-21; L Cox, D Priddle, M Kew 10-18; D Brown, J Priddle, D Brightman 13-17; D Iles, J Drewitt, B Whittaker 30-14; R Brown, M Davis, M Foster 20-15; T Townsend, G Townsend 4-31.

West Backwell held their captain’s day with the traditional ladies v men match taking place, with the result that the blue ribbon is still firmly attached to the cup.

Captains May and Geoff provided a lovely ploughman’s supper, an excellent end to a very enjoyable day.

Julie Ratcliffe reached the semi-finals of the county secretaries competition, but just lost 18-21 to last year’s winner, Michael Adams.

West Backwell 55, Burnham A 60 (Somerset County League): G Brindle, J Hathway, A Robinson, J Couch 22-25; B Budd, M Windo, R Spragg, A Knights 15-15; D Rycroft, P Sims, G Arnold, K Dodd 18-20.

West Backwell Ladies 48, Nailsea 45 (Doreen Ralph Trophy): L Bloom, K Pugsley, M Vivian, P Kingston 18-15; D Gage, V Webley, M Warfield, C Burgess 19-14; S Budd, C Pugsley, J Sims, J Ratcliffe 11-16.

West Backwell Ladies 38, Wessex 52 (Weston & District League): S Budd, J Jackson, P Kingston 20-11; C Langford, J Keightley, M Vivian 12-19; J Ratcliffe, C Lawrence, J Sims 6-22.

Clevedon Promenade 89, West Backwell 107 (C&D Over-60s League): P Pearce, A Elsy, H Williams 13-22; D Higley, M Sperring, E Furze 22-16; K Hill, D Hampton, A Young 15-15; K Ellis, R Dowsing, K Low 12-18; A Tinkling, P Brown, C Crees 8-16; J Baker, D Loveridge, R Soper 19-20.

Clevedon Promenade 85, Victoria Vikings 51 (Weston Over-60s League): J Baker, P Kinsella, A Young 15-11; K Woodey, A Elsy, R Cranshaw 14-10; J Johnstone, Hay Williams, J Gover 11-7; B Davis, P Pearce, K Low 12-7; N Pedder, M Sperring, J Powell 10-8; C Pompey, E Trace, D Knowles 23-8.

Clevedon Promenade 109, Leighton Buzzard 62 (mixed friendly): L Pedder, D Hampton, S Walker 12-19; S Roach, S Davis, C Crees 34-6; E Schofield, N Pedder, H Williams 24-12; T Schofield, J Williams, K Low 25-12; C Drake, M Sheppard, D Loveridge 14-13.

Clevedon Promenade 107, Severn Vale 74 (mixed friendly): S Roach, S Davis, S Walker, A Pine 19-17; C Fuidge, S Oliver, B Davis, K Low 18-16; J Morris, P Pearce, M Griffiths, R Soper 29-11; P Soper, C Pearce, P Fuidge, K Morris 22-13; A Elsy, A Alvis, D Hampton, S Pine 19-17.

Clevedon Promenade Ladies 46, Winscombe 49 (NS Triples): E Perham, J Hill, S Sharp 15-12; L Hardisty, S Crombie, E Rowley 19-17; B Young, M Griffiths, L Greeves 12-20.

Clevedon Promenade Ladies 61, Long Ashton 50 (NS Triples): P Soper, S Farnden, L Greeves 22-14; A Johnstone, M Griffiths, A Crees 19-19; B Young, J Jeffrey, L Jones 20-17.

Nailsea 93, Clevedon Promenade 99 (C&D Over-60s Co-operative Funeralcare League): P Onion, M Keates, B Holloway 19 11; P Phippen, M Conway, D Flower 19 -11; P Miller, J Prince, J Whitear 10-25; D Hole, A Billington, D Price 13 -23; J Hall, J Knight, C Winter 21-10; D Nicholls, A Avery, R Lloyd 11-19.

Nailsea 110, Portishead RBL 106: S Brown, J Knight R, Jefferies 19-9; P Miller, P Gillard, R Lloyd 20-19; A Tonkin, D Hole, A Billington 17-20; D Goffin, T Dyer, D Clark 20-22; P Onion, M West, D Flower 18-18; A Mansfield, M Conway, J Whitear 16-18.

Nailsea 85, Congresbury 129: B Onion, T Dyer, M.Keates 13-32; P Gillard, M Conway, J Whitear 16-22; P Miller, T Billington , 16-20; K Westcott, A Avery, C Winter 14-18; A Tonkin, J Knight, J Prince 13-17; J Hall, D Nicholls, J Reed 13-20.

Nailsea 89, Wedmore 112 (Weston & District Over-60s League): B Onion, J Reed, M.Keates 13-26; J Pritchard, P Miller, J Whitear 17-17; M Conway, M West, J Chivers , 6-31; I Yuill, J Hall, C Winter 15-13; A Mansfield, J Gardner, D Flower 23-14; A Billington J Knight, J Davies 15-11.

Nailsea 77, Ashcombe Templars 90: B Willis, J Reed, M.Keates 15-19; D Hole, R Jeffries, R Lloyd 24-10; A Billington, R Cook, J Chivers 13-20; I Yuill, J Gardner, A Avery 16-12; N Edwards, P Miller, J Whitear 9-19.

Nailsea B 39, Portishead A 84 (County League): P Miller, M Conway, J Reed, D Price 9-25; A Mansfield, T Dyer, A Avery, R Jefferies 8-37; A Tonkin, B Willis, J Hall, D Clark 22-23.

Nailsea A 50, Wellington A 52 (County League): D Hole, I Yuill, R Lloyd, M Rowsell 21-14; J Pritchard, P Gillard, J Whitear, B Holloway 8-23; J Prince, A Billington, D Flower, I Blatchford 21-15.

Nailsea 69, Barry Veterans 57 (friendly): A Mansfield, I Yuill, A Tonkin, D Price 20-12; P North, P Onion, C Winter, J Whitear 15-11; P Miller, T Dyer, M Keates, A Avery 18-18; W Shepherd, R Cook, A Billington, J Mash 16-16.

Nailsea 34, Notts County 57 (friendly): A Mansfield, R Goffin, M West, W Shepherd, D Hole, A Avery 9-10; C Winter, I Yuill, A Billington, R Lloyd 8-15; J Knight, M Keates, R Jefferies, J Whitear 4-12; M Conway, S Brown, P Gillard, I Blatchford 4-15.

Congresbury Ladies 61, Nailsea 34 (Mendip League): C Lewis, V Harding, A Jones 12-20; A King, D Harrison, K Herbison 27-9; C Wilcock, W Manning, B Huggett 22-5.

Congresbury 113 Clevedon 75 (C&D Over-60s League): D Norman, I Morton, D Byett 24-7; D Manning, G Stenner, A Fisher 14-14; K Cole, R Anniuk, T Yearsley 21-17; R Stewart, F Horton, R Kirkham 26-9; G Wilcock, M Huggett, T Lewis 17-15; B Baker, G Andrews, R Archer 11-13.

Congresbury Ladies 55 Victoria Blues 54 (Mendip League): V Harding, A King, D Harrison 16-25; C Lewis, R Horton, B Huggett 16-15; H Tranmer, P Baker, A Jones 23-14.

Portishead Ladies 46, Wedmore 47 (WDL): D Lewis, M Cross, R Pears 18-21; D Lockett, H Luffman, P Staniforth 12-17; S Tassell, J Brown, J White 16-9.

Portishead Ladies 60, Burnham 46 (WDL): H Luffman, V Hounslow, R Pears 24-8; D Franklin, J Brown, J White 11-20; S Tassell, B Reed, P Staniforth 25-18.

Portishead Ladies 47,Congresbury 51 (WDL): D Lockett, P Staniforth, R Pears 13-15; V Hounslow, S Sealy, M Cross 14-19; S Tassell, J Brown J White 20-17.

Portishead Ladies 63, Ashcombe Park 42 (NSTL): P Taylor, S Sealy, R Pears 24-12; C Norris, J Brown J White 19-15; D Lewis, H Luffman, G Berryman 20-15. Friendly rink: V Buttress, P Rennie, D Franklin 31-9.

Portishead 62, Bristol Arrow 80 (mixed friendly): D Clayton, D Poulson, P Williams, M Cross 16-19; T Mather, D Poulson, L Cobb, M Kellett 12-18; M Collins, D Brewer, D Johnson, M Matthews 13 -24; C Norris, L Parker, P Thompson, R Taylor 21-19.

Portishead B 60, Clevedon Prom C 57 (County League): G Lawrence, T Mather, P Thompson, M Sault 17-24; E Ormston, M Howland, D Girling, E Daisley 20-11; M Leach, P Williams, D Clayton, D Taylor 23-22.

Portishead 67, Portishead RBL 117 (C&D Over-60s League): G Norris, G Davies, E Daisley 14-13; D Brewer, A Reader, K Smith 15-20; T Mather, L Tassell, B Sexton 11-21; E Ormston, D Clayton, D Taylor 10-29; J Holland, G Comley, J Franklin 6-18; P Williams, M Sault, F Allen 11-16.

Portishead 98, Ashcombe Knights 104 (Weston Over-60s League): L Tassell, R Taylor, D Robertson 17-17; A Reader, D Taylor, F Allen 30-13; R Piper, K Smith, R Brake 11-16; G Norris, M Henson-Matthews, T Hounslow 16-23; M Berryman, E Daisley, J Franklin 15-12; J Holland, M Sault, B Sexton 9-23.

Portishead A 85, Nailsea 39 (County League): R Piper, M Henson-Matthews, J Franklin, T Hounslow 25-9; M Berryman, G Norris, R Brake, F Allen 37-8; L Tassell, D Taylor, K Smith, B Sexton 23-22.

Portishead RBL Ladies 56, Winscombe 45 (NSL): J Birth, A Lewis, C Pearce 21-15; G Eden, S Dando, K Strong 13-22; B Vowles, H Naunton, S Rogers 22-8. Friendly rink: I Hussey, L Bridle, R Hellens 27-5.

Portishead RBL Ladies 78, Yatton 39 (DRT): Groves, Calladine, Rogers, Gozna 32-8; Birth, Saunders, Spencer, Pearce 25-16; Gwynn, Southey, Naunton, Hellens 21-15.

Long Ashton Ladies 50, Clevedon Prom 61 (North Somerset Triples League): D Vass, S Norman, C Bennett 19-19; J Eaton, C Marshall, S Hall 17-20; S Taylor, M Wilmott, P Adams 14-22.

Long Ashton Ladies 50, Canford 37 (friendly): M McGregor, G Doyle, S Taylor, M Wilmott 15-10; J Moore, B Smith, G Wilcox, S Hall 15-14; J Fitch, J Withey, C Marshall, I Martin 20-13.

Long Ashton 47, Yatton 84 (annual two-leg match): K Vass, P Smith, J Burt 12-18; J Gann, A Lewis, M Harding 10-23; J Marshall, B Smedley, D Odey 17-20; T M Lynch, A Hall, E Russell 8-23.

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