Long Ashton members qualify for National Championships

PUBLISHED: 14:55 03 August 2016 | UPDATED: 14:55 03 August 2016

Long Ashton Bowls Club winners.

Long Ashton Bowls Club winners.


Long Ashton Bowls Club member Liz Taylor has qualified for the national championships, with two county semi-final victories.

Long Ashton Bowls Club has enjoyed a successful season, qualifying for the National Championships at Leamington Spa, with two victories in the county semi-finals.

Liz Taylor, in the ladies’ singles (two-wood) won 21-15 against Joan Walmsley of Bath. She also was lead in the ladies’ pairs with skip Carol Bennett in beating Watchet 20-19.

Three players from Long Ashton triumphed again by winning the Eastover Bowling Club open triples at Bridgwater. Earlier in the year they won the Nailsea open fours event.

Pictured are Terry Baker, John Marshall and Eddie Russell. The other member in open fours was Mike Harding from West Backwell Bowling Club.

Long Ashton 69, Congresbury 112 (C&D League): D Moore, G Thomas, D Harper, P Connock 10-19; M Pemble, J Eaton, P Smith, B Brice 15-21; V Adams, M Wilmott, J Burt, T Baker 15-24; C Randall, J Gann, E Russell, J Marshall 15-26; K Vass, B Smedley, I Taylor, M Taylor 14-22.

Long Ashton 104, Congresbury 111 (C&D Over-60s Triple League): C Holloway, I Taylor, E Russell 22-11; J Oakley, J Eaton, P Smith 17- 13; J Gann, K Bird, J Marshall 22-17; M Wilmott, M Pemble, J Burt 13-27; C Ramsden, G Thomas, T Baker 13-26; R Thomas, I Webb, M Givan 17-17.

Long Ashton Ladies 49, Henleaze 44 (friendly): B Smith, M Shryane, J Bird, T Hilton 18-11; J Osborne, J Fitch, D Vass, D Brooks 18-15; K Gough, B Hardcastle, J Eaton, T Ricketts 13-18.

Long Ashton 41, Redland Green 57 (Bristol League): I Taylor, P Smith, M Gavin, M Taylor 14-26; D Moore, V Adams, E Russell, J Marshall 15-8; M Pemble, B Brice, P Connock, T Baker 12-23.

Long Ashton 59, Yatton 91 (mixed friendly): K Ramsden, R Voysey, J Bird, John Eaton 7-25; D Vass, B Smedley, G Wilcox, P Brown 13-21; K Gough, D Brooks, B Hardcastle, K Bird 13-10; G Gann, G Doyle, D Anderson, C Bennett 12-19; Judy Eaton, M Shryane, C Ramsden, K Vass 14-16.

Stef Branfield, in addition to the successes mentioned last week, has won the Somerset Women’s Champion of Champions title by beating E Amery from Williton 21-4 and will now represent the county in the national competition at Leamington.

Clevedon BC won Somerset’s final round against Watchet with the last wood of the match and will be playing King’s BC, Torquay, Devon’s champions, in the next round.

Clevedon 3 (83), Watchet 2 (82)-two-wood singles: R Withers 9-15; four-wood singles: N Pearce 18-21; pairs: PJ Branfield, N Westlake 22-15; triples: A Mace, D Brightman, G Jay 18-16; fours: D Harding, A Bradley, G Aldridge, M Davis 16-15.

Clevedon 80, City of Wells 28 (Turnbull Cup): A Mace, C Jarrett, R Pitts, PJ Branfield 18-7; F Ham, A Bradley, G Aldridge, N Westlake 21-4; D Harding, M Payne, D Brightman, M Davis 15-13; R Withers, A Morgan, M Langley, N Pearce 26-4.

Clevedon A 61, Victoria A 68 (Somerset Premier League): F Ham, D Harding, PJ Branfield, N Westlake 32-18; A Mace, R Lord, D Brightman, M Davis 13-28; R Withers, R Pitts, G Jay, N Pearce 16-22.

Clevedon B 58, Winscombe B 61 (Somerset League Div 2 North): R Brown, R Openshaw, B Davis, B Palmer 21-25; R Conybeare, C Bethune, R Williams, M Langley 21-19; R Cuff, D Priddle, W Smith, C Jarrett 16-17.

Clevedon 2 (75), Winscombe 69 (2) (Four Dimensions) - singles: R Withers 21-11; pairs: F Ham, N Pearce 21-14; triples: D Harding, A Morgan, D Brightman 14-20; fours: B Palmer, R Pitts, M Payne, G Aldridge 19-24.

Clevedon 89, Portishead RBL 92 (Clevedon & District Evening League): B Squire, C Bethune, A Morgan, A Bradley 22-20; R Conybeare, G Tripp, PA Branfield, PJ Branfield 17-20; R Lord, V Perry, D Harding, M Langley 17-16; A Mace, D Greenslade, M Payne, G Jay 15-16; G Woods, W Smith, C Jarrett, M Davis 18-20.

Clevedon 118, West Backwell 94 (Clevedon & District Over-60s Triples League): M Cole, PA Branfield, M Payne 31-2; B Davis, D Priddle, M Langley 16-14; P Stevens, C Seward, G Woods 23-20; J Weeks, N Cape, D Harding 20-20; V Perry, C Folland, C Cooper 11-20; P Battram, D Greenslade, B Palmer 17-18.

Clevedon Ladies 34, Ashcombe 60 (North Somerset League): J Henderson, P Hussey, T Cuff 6-20; E White, M Foster, L Palmer 7-27; L Cox, J Drewitt, JM Branfield 21-13.

Clevedon 89, Windsor Park 74 (mixed friendly): B Openshaw, B Anquish, M Davis, D Brightman 17-8; R Cuff, J Brown, V Fletcher, B Davis 8-23; E White, T Nicholson, D Priddle, D Harding 11-13; J Henderson, C Folland, D Watts, A Ford 13-14; J Drewitt, D Wills, R Brown, J Priddle 18-8; L Wills, D Iles, L Cox, C Jarrett 22-8.

Congratulations go to West Backwell bowlers Pat Kingston and Val Peckham, who with Maureen (Yatton) were the winners at the Yatton Ladies’ Triples Day, and to May Vivian, Julie Ratcliffe and Cynthia Burgess, who were second.

West Backwell 57, Bristol 106 (Turnbull Cup): M Harding, P Sims, B Budd, J Couch 12-28; G Brindle, R Hinton, S Henderson, K Dodd 18-22; B Baker, A Robinson, B Gammon, P Tracey 14-24; A Lovell, M Windo, D Rigg, G Arnold 13-32.

West Backwell 55, Yatton 57 (Somerset County League): B Baker, A Robinson, B Budd, J Couch 13-19; S Henderson, P Sims, B Gammon, K Dodd 16-21; A Lovell, M Windo, D Rigg, G Arnold 26-17.

West Backwell 83, Clevedon Prom 90 (C&D Co-operative Funeralcare Evening League): R Keightley, G Ellison, B Gammon, K Dodd 9-21; M Harding, T Bone, B Budd, J Couch 26-14; B Baker, I Wilson, A Robinson, P Tracey 20-17; A Lovell, M Windo, D Rigg, G Arnold 15-19; J Cafferty, D Sloper, S Henderson, R Hinton 13-19.

West Backwell 94, Clevedon 118 (C&D Co-operative Funeralcare Over-60s League): T Bone, I Wilson, K Dodd 18-17; D Ratcliffe, A Lovell, B Budd 20-11; G Brindle, R Spragg, P Sims, 2-31; R Keightley, B Gage, M Harding 20-23; J Cafferty, B Baker, A Robinson 14-16; P Lamb, D Rigg, B Gammon 20-20.

West Backwell Ladies 44, Yatton 45 (Doreen Ralph Trophy): J Keightley, B Watson, S Stagg, C Burgess 13-11; J Sims, D Gage, M Vivian, E Lamb 15-18; M Warfield, C Lawrence, J Ratcliffe, P Kingston 16-16.

West Backwell Ladies 48, Isle of Wedmore 44 (Weston & District League): J Jones, J Ratcliffe, P Kingston 16-14; J Sims, M Vivian, E Lamb 17-15; J Keightley, V Peckham, C Burgess 15-15.

West Backwell Ladies 53, St Anne’s Park, Bristol 42 (friendly): June (St Annes), B Ellison, J Ratcliffe 22-12; J Keightley, Margaret (St Annes), S Arnold 17-11; K Pugsley, C Pugsley, Brenda (St Annes) 14-19.

Nailsea A 62, Portishead RBL B 52 (Somerset League): D Hole, P Phippen, M Rowsell, R Griffiths 19-20; A Billington, J Prince, D Flower, I Blatchford 11-20; J Pritchard, R Lloyd, J Chivers, J Whitear 32-12.

Nailsea B 49, Backwell 66 (Somerset League): A Mansfield, J Hall, D Clark, C Winter 17-23; P Miller, R Stanford, N Edwards, R Jeffries 14-20; G White, J Edler, T Dyer, J Hathway 18-23.

Nailsea 102, Portishead 74 (C&D Over-60s Co-operative Funeralcare League): S Brown, R Stanford, J Chivers 20-10; J Elder, J Prince, D Hole 21-11; I Yuill, J Gardner, D Flower 22-5; K Hickmott, M Keates, C Winter 16-12; K Harris, B Padfield, A Avery 14-15; W Shepherd, K Westcott, R Lloyd 9-21.

Yatton A 57, West Backwell 55 (Somerset County League): L Howe, B Hull, T Storm, W Casey 19-13; D Rycroft, B Hardwick, S Pascoe, R Bish 21-16; J Knight, B Foster, C Parsons, M Withyman 17-26.

Yatton B 32, Clevedon Prom B 91: T Vowles, T Viney, A Richards, D Blundell 8-30; P Lomas, E Butt, N Jones, P Creber 14-28; A George, D Hunt, M Musgrove, N Aldom 10-33.

Yatton Ladies 45, West Backwell 44 (DRT League): A Storm, S Carson, F McCormack, A Batson 16-16; M Millard, L Collings, C Cheesewright, P Allen 11-13; C Lewis, S Carr, B Parker, M Spalding 18-15.

Congresbury 57, Bristol Arrows 50 (mixed friendly): A Harding, A Harris, L Beck, D Harrison 17-13; E Archer, A Purnell, J Freemantle, C Shipway 13-14; V Harding, I Shand, P Sharps, R Archer 13-17; D Davis, R Horton, F Horton, S Eastment 14-6.

Congresbury 111, Long Ashton 104 (C&D Over 60s League): D Folds, F Horton, D Byett 17-22; K Cole, D Manning, D Gosling 13-17; D Blakely, G Stenner, L Beck 17-17; C Edwards, S Pook, R Archer 11-22; B Baker, A Lewis, D Rivers 27-13; R Stewart, M Huggett, R Kirkham 26-13.

Congresbury 113, Chew Stoke 79 (North Somerset KO Cup): G Wilcock, O Astle, A Fisher, B Herbison 12-26; M Kimmings, M Huggett, M Wear, L Beck 15-20; J Freemantle, A Lewis, D Rivers, R Kirkham 43-5; B Baker, R Keddy, D Byett, R Birmingham 20-15; S Pook, R Archer, S Eastment, C Shipway 23-13.

Congresbury 112, Long Ashton 69 (Co-operative Funeralcare Evening League): G Wilcock, D Rivers, R King, R Becker 19-10; S Pook, G Stenner, S Eastment, C Shipway 22-14; I Morton, A Fisher, R Archer, R Kirkham 24-15; M Kimmings, M Huggett, M Wear, L Beck 21-15; B Baker, R Keddy, D Byett, R Birmingham 26-15.

Congresbury 81, Ashcombe 48 (County League): J Freemantle, M Kimmings, R King, C Shipway 18-23; I Morton, D Rivers, A Fisher, B Herbison 26-12; B Baker, R Becker, M Wear, R Birmingham 37-13.

Congresbury 49, Ashcombe 75 (County League): C Edwards, R Anniuk, M Huggett, T Yearsley 15-25; R Jones, G Stenner, F Horton, R Kirkham 17-20; K Cole, D Gosling, R Archer, L Beck 17-30.

Portishead 92, Knowle 69 (Wedmore Plate): L Tassell, D Moncrieffe, J Scott, M Berryman 16-18; G Norris, A Holmes, E Arnold, M Gardner 24-25; G Pears, J Lewis, J Franklin, T Hounslow 28-11; C Skinner, E Daisley, R Brake, M Lockett 24-15.

Portishead 77, Burnham 82: J Lewis, A Holmes, J Herring 7-23; Paul Williams, B Scruby, G Norris 10-26; D Clayton, E Arnold, J Franklin 20-11; L Byford, G Lerway, B Sexton 24-9; R Taylor, M Sault, M Gardner 16-13.

Portishead 93 v Clevedon 113 (C&D Over-60s League): D Moncrieffe, M Sault, B Sexton 17-16; L Tassell, R Brake, J Scott 25-4; D Clayton, G Comley, M Lockett 18-9; J Herring, E Arnold, G Morgan 11-34; J Holland, E Daisley, J Franklin 6-34; G Norris, A Reader, T Hounslow 16-16.

Portishead A 90, Mark Moor 31 (Division 2): J Lewis, E Arnold, G Lerway, D Robertson 32-9; L Tassell, R Brake, J Herring, G Morgan 23-18; M Berryman, A Holmes, J Franklin, T Hounslow 35-4.

Portishead B 65, Clevedon Prom C 54 (Division 3): A Reader, D Clayton, D Taylor, J Scott 26-17; M Leach, M Sault, M Collier, M Gardner 15-19; G Norris, M H Matthews, E Daisley, R Price 24-18.

Portishead 74, Ardagh 87: M Berryman, A Holmes, J Franklin, T Hounslow 23-18; G Norris, E Daisley, R Brake, F Allen 17-17; C Skinner, J Herring, J Scott, M Gardner 22-26; J Lewis, D Taylor, D Robertson, M Lockett 12-26.

Portishead 119, Clarence Golds (Weston Over-60s League): G Pears, K Gaubert, M Gardner, 17-14; L Tassell, J Herring, J Scott 20-10; J Lewis, E Arnold, D Robertson 21-13; M Conway, A Holmes, B Sexton 16-12; C Skinner, G Lerway, F Allen 28-8; G Norris, G Comley, J Franklin 17-20.

Clevedon Promenade 116, Nailsea 89 (C&D League): A Elsy, B Jones, K Low, P Bissett 22-24; J Baker, R Cranshaw, K Morris, H Williams 30-16; A Tinkling, D Hollier, K Chaney, C Crees 18-18; G Hancox, D Higley, A Young, J Bartlett 23-15; J Grubb, D Knowles, J Fuidge, D Everett 23-16.

Clevedon Promenade 90, West Backwell 83 (C&D League): G Hancox, K Morris, P Bissett, H Williams 17-20; A Elsy, D Higley, J Powell, D Demery 19-13; R Cranshaw, A Young, K Low, A Pine 19-15; J Baker, B Jones, J Fuidge, D Everett 14-26; S Fuidge, D Knowles, K Chaney, C Crees 21-9.

Clevedon Promenade 98, Victoria Saxons 98 (Weston Over-60s KO Cup, Promenade won by one shot on extra end): D Perham, M Wise, A Young 13-21; D Hampton, D Knowles, P Bissett 10-24; J Grubb, J Gover, A Pine 20-14; A Elsy, K Low, J Bartlett 25-7; R Cranshaw, D Higley, J Powell 15-11; A Tinkling, N Pedder, D Everett 15-21.

Clevedon Promenade Ladies 38, Clarence 66 (NS Triples): J Hulin, J Jeffrey, S Pine 9-16; G Wheaden, J Chaney, S Sharp 6-38; L Pedder, M Wood, E Perham 23-12.

Clevedon Promenade Ladies 37, Portishead RBL 50 (NS Triples): B Young, J Hill, A Crees 17-17; L Hardisty, L Jones, M Dyer 8-15; S Crombie, M Griffiths, L Greeves 12-18.

Clevedon Promenade Ladies 56, G B Britton 55 (friendly): L Welling, M Sheppard, L Pedder, J Jeffrey 9-19; L Fitzpatrick, M Gough, S Oliver, P Soper 22-26; D Cranshaw, J Allington, S Davis, S Walker 25-10.

Portishead Ladies 63, Wedmore 60 (WDLL): S Tassell, J Brown, J White 31-13; D Lewis, D Lockett, M Withey 23-16; D Franklin, P Holland, S Daisley 9-31.

Portishead Ladies 61, Winscombe 38 (NSTL): D Lewis, S Pile, R Pears 17-10; C Norris, B Reed, A Bridgen 17-16; S Ross, H Luffman, S Daisley 27-12. Friendly rink: N Ward, M Williams, G Berryan 23-9.

Portishead Ladies 42, Clevedon Prom 60 (NSTL): M Reader, S Daisley, J White 20-13; S Pile, P Holland, R Pears 6-26; C Norris, M Williams, P Staniforth 16-21. Friendly rink: V Bougnague, B Reed, G Berryman 12-9.

Portishead Ladies 47, Yatton 50 (friendly): M Reader, V Bougnague, N Ward, S Daisley 21-14; C Norris, S Gratton, D Lewis, B Reed 16-14; D Franklin, K Grey, P Taylor, P Staniforth 10-22.

Portishead Ladies 72, Long Ashton 66 (Southey Cup): S Tassell 13-21; J Brown, J White 22-13; D Lewis, S Daisley, R Pears 25-9; D Lockett, G Berryman, M Kellett, A Bridgen 17-23.

Portishead RBL Ladies were hosted by Portishead Ladies in the Southey Cup.

Results - singles: M Gozna 21-15; pairs: P Groves, S Davies 22-12; triples: J Birth, L Bridle, R Hellens 12-19; fours: D Gwynn, D Yeoman, P Crawshaw, C Pearce 48-8.

Portishead RBL Ladies 50 (9), Clevedon Prom 37 (1) (NSL): G Eden, J Calladine, N Wells 17-17; C Bird, B Vowles, D Yeoman, 15-8; D Gwynn, A Lewins, M Southey 18-12

Portishead RBL Ladies 24 (0), Ardagh 34 (8) (BLL A): J Birth, D Gwynn, P Crawshaw, C Pearce 10-19; P Groves, J Calladine, S Davies, R Hellens 14-15.

Portishead RBL Ladies 25 (0), Henleaze 30 (8) (BLL B): S Castleton, P Wilkinson, L Bridle, D Yeoman 11-12; C Bird, P Gregory, K Strong, N Wells 14-18.

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