Clevedon Promenade run out winners of the North Somerset Four Dimensions Trophy

PUBLISHED: 11:06 30 August 2017 | UPDATED: 11:06 30 August 2017

Clevedon Prom Bowls Club.

Clevedon Prom Bowls Club.


Clevedon Promenade ran out winners of the North Somerset Four Dimensions Trophy, beating Victoria by 10 shots in the final.

Congratulations go to Clevedon Promenade for winning the North Somerset Four Dimensions Trophy, defeating Victoria 67-57 in the final.

The Prom won the singles and pairs, drew the triples and lost the fours, but overall won by 10 shots.

Clevedon Promenade 67, Victoria 57 (Four Dimensions): K Chaney (singles) 21-11; J Fuidge, D Everett (pairs) 21-12; S Fuidge, D Demery, C Crees (triples) 14-14; J Powell, A Young, H Williams, J Bartlett (fours) 11-20.

Clevedon Promenade A 53, Clevedon A 60 (Somerset County League): G Hancox, J Fuidge, D Demery, K Chaney 20-20; P Bissett, P Fuidge, H Williams, C Crees 18-17; R Cranshaw, J Powe.., J Bartlett, D Everett 15-23.

Clevedon Promenade 101, Portishead 84 (Weston Over-60s League): A Alvis, P Pearce, D Knowles 18-13; R Applegate, A Elsy, R Cranshaw 10-15; R Dowsing, T Derrick, A Young 21-12; B Carpenter, P Brown, J Powell 21-13; K Woodey, K Hill, D Hampton 15-15; K Ellis, Hy Williams, B Davis 16-16.

Clevedon Promenade 99, Lionmede 104 (mixed friendly): J Barrow, S Davis, T Derrick, D Demery 17-11; C Drake, L Fitzpatrick, N Pedder, J Bartlett 16-26; R Soper, M Sheppard, D Loveridge, S Walker 21-13; T Schofield, N Malone, S Oliver, A Young 17-14; L Pedder, R Dowsing, B Young, R Cranshaw 13-17. E Schofield, J Hulin, B Davis, D Hampton 15-23.

Clevedon Promenade Ladies 44, Portishead 56 (NS Triples): L Hardisty, E Rowley, S Pine 13-14; E Perham, S Sharp, A Crees 19-12; M Wood, M Griffiths, L Greeves 12-30.

Clevedon Promenade Ladies 42, Clevedon 42 (NS Triples): C Drake, S Farnden, L Greeves 15-12; P Soper, J Hill, L Jones 15-17; A Johnstone, E Rowley, C Pratten 12-13.

Clevedon Promenade Ladies 46, Congresbury 54 (friendly); J Morris, J Hulin, E Rowley 14-23; L Fitzpatrick, S Oliver, S Crombie 18-12; L Welling, J Sperring, C Pratten 14-19.

Clevedon Promenade Ladies 40, Henliaze 43 (friendly): J Payne, M Gough, J Hulin, J Sperring 8-21; C Pearce, V Little, V Hollier, J Morris 16-9; L Welling, S Edwards, L Fitzpatrick, E Perham 16-13.

Portishead entertained Nailsea in the semi-final of the Clevedon and District Knockout Cup and in beating them, won through to the final.

The final will be played at Portishead Bowls Club starting at 2pm on September 15 against the Isle of Wedmore, when all spectators will be welcome.

Portishead 88, Clevedon Prom 83 (C&D Over-60s League): D Moncrieffe, M Henson-Matthews, K Smith 12-21 G Norris, E Daisley, T Hounslow 14-17; G Pears, R Brake, M Lockett 31-8; L Tassell, D Taylor, F Allen 12-15; D Day, K Gaubert, B Staniforth 12-14; M Berryman, J Herring, J Franklin 27-8.

Portishead A 55, Congresbury B 68 (County League): M Berryman,L Tassell, J Herring, F Allen 14-18; R Piper, A Reader, M Henson-Matthews, R Brake 27-25; G Norris, R Buttress, K Smith, T Hounslow 14-25.

Portishead 96, Chew Stoke 92 (C&D Over-60s League): M Leach, J Franklin, T Hounslow 14-10; L Tassell, D Clayton, K Smith 17-17; G Norris, R Taylor, F Allen 32-9; L Byford, P Williams, D Robertson 11-20; T Mather, M Sault, R Brake 10-21; D Moncrieffe, G Comley, B Sexton 12-15.

Portishead 119, Nailsea 80 (C&D Knockout Cup semi-final): M Berryman, J Herring, J Franklin 24-10; R Piper, M Sault, B Sexton 17-10; A Reader, K Smith, R Brake 16-10; G Norris, M Henson-Matthews, T Hounslow 15-16; J Lewis, K Gaubert, D Robertson 18-28; G Pears, D Taylor, F Allen 29-6.

Portishead 84,Clevedon Prom 101 (Weston Over-60s League): R Buttress, G Pears, K Smith 13-18; M Berryman, G Norris, J Franklin 15-10; R Piper, K Gaubert, B Sexton 12-21; L Tassell, D Taylor, F Allen 13-21; J Holland, M Henson-Matthews, E Daisley 15-15; J Lewis, A Reader, R Brake 16-16.

Twenty-eight teams competed against each other in two groups on a gloriously hot and sunny dry day at the 24th Long Ashton invitation mixed fours tournament.

Last year’s winners Stothert & Pitt A, were hoping to retain the trophy and the conditions were ideal for bowling and the standard was high throughout the day, with teams being fed and watered to Long Ashton’s usual high standards.

Winners: St Andrew’s Weston 8 points (23 shots); runners-up: Kew Four 7 (22); Stothert & Pitt A 7 (16); Day Trippers 7 (7).

Thanks go to all the sponsors without which the event would not be possible and all the hard work of the Long Ashton members.

Long Ashton men were promoted to Division 1 of the Bristol League after finishing runners-up to Weston Bath. Ardagh finished one point behind in third place as they could only manage an 8-2 win against Henleaze A.

Long Ashton 69 (10), Henleaze B 35 (0) (Bristol League): K Vass, M Pemble, E Russell, T Baker 24-16; D Moore, M Givan, D Harper, D Oakley 19-15; M Harding, I Taylor, A Hall, M Taylor 26-4.

Long Ashton 75, Isle of Wedmore 115 (C&D Over-60s League): R Thomas, V Adams, A Hall 14-18; G Thomas, M Pemble, J Marshall 12-18; M Harding, J Eaton, T Baker 12-18; C Ramsden, A Lewis, I Taylor 11-20; M Wilmott, B Brice, J Burt 13-22; P Brown, K Bird, E Russell 12-19.

Long Ashton Ladies 67, Chew Stoke 34 (DRT League): K Gough, T Hilton, C Marshall, P Adams 15-14; M Wilmott, I Martin, S Hall, S Norman 27-7; D Vass, K Ramsden, L Taylor, C Bennett 25-13.

Long Ashton Ladies 35, Ashcombe 61 (North Somerset Triples): K Ramsden, T Hilton, S Norman 11-16; K Gough, S Hall, M Wilmott 14-22; D Vass, J Withey, C Bennett 10-23.

Long Ashton Ladies 47 Nailsea 35 (friendly): M McGregor, J Eaton, C Bennett 16-7; Y Carlier, J Bird, M Wilmott 16-11; J Moore, G Wilcox, S Hall 15-17.

Long Ashton Ladies 49 Bristol 35 (friendly): M McGregor, J Moore, J Eaton, M Wilmott 24-7; L Randall, B Smith, G Wilcox, S Norman; 12-17; D Brooks, G Doyle, I Martin, J Bird 13-15.

Clevedon Ladies continue their winning run in the county Southey Trophy and by beating Portishead Ladies by three disciplines to one, secure their place in the semi-final. They now face Bath Ladies next Sunday.

The ladies had another success this week when Sheila Short reached the county final in the unbadged competition. She beat C Love form Prattens 21-15 and will play the final on September 10 at Taunton.

Clevedon 60, Clevedon Promenade 53 (Somerset County League Premier 1): P Battram, R Pitts, P J Branfield, D Brightman 20-20; D Harding, W Smith, A Bradley, M Davis 17-18; F Ham, J P Branfield, N Westlake, N Pearce 23-15.

Clevedon 77, Portishead RBL 111 (C&D Over-60s Triples League): A Chambers, C Jarrett, N Cape 19-14; D Louden, D Priddle, J Brommage 13-19; M Cole, C Seward, D Greenslade 14-14; M Sutton, P Mattram, M Langley 19-13; D Iles, B Davis, P Evans 7-22; N Meridedith, B Palmer, M Payne 5-29.

Clevedon 102, Ashcombe Crusaders 104 (Weston Over-60s Triples League): T Townsend, G Woods, P Evans 17-9; D Louden, C Seward, C Jarrett 10-27; R Brown, D Priddle, K Bristow 14-13; D Iles, C Folland, D Greenslade 29-17; A Brooks, B Wrightson, M Langley 15-20; M Archer, M Cole, N Cape 17-18.

Clevedon 85, Burnham 93: T Townsend, R Lord, D Greenslade 23-16; M Archer, M Sutton, K Bristow 21-13; D Iles, C Bethune, B Wrightson 10-22; M Cole, P Battram, P Evans 18-16; P Cornish, G Woods, D Harding 13-16.

Clevedon Ladies 3, Portishead 1 (Southey Trophy quarter-final)-four-wood singles: S Branfield 21-15; pairs: T Cuff, L Palmer 16-19; triples: P Hussey, M Foster, J Branfield 24-7; fours: G Townsend, S George A Ford, S Short 26-14.

Clevedon Ladies 42, Clevedon Promenade 42 (North Somerset Triples League): J Henderson, A Forb, T Cuff 13-12; L Wills, D Brown, S Short 17-15; G Townsend, P Hussey, J Branfield 12-15.

Portishead RBL Ladies 56, Clevedon Prom 44 (NSL): I Hussey, J Saunders, K Strong 30-12; S Rogers, P Spencer, N Wells 12-19; T Gentle, J Calladine, Southey 14-13.

Portishead RBL Ladies 57, West Backwell 33 (DRT League): S Dando, J Gardner, J Calladine, R Hellens 19-12; J Birth, K Strong, S Rogers, L Bridle 23-10; P Groves, D Gwynn, N Wells, P Spencer 15-11.

Yatton Ladies 55, Winscombe Ladies 51 (friendly): W Williams, F McCormck, B Parker, P Goddard 16-21; F Jones, Mills, C Lewis, B Topham 18-19; J Hull, J Richards, M Millard, P Allen 21-11.

Nailsea 110, Ashcombe Knights 75 (Weston Over-60s League): S Brown, P Gillard, M.Keates 18-10; J Pritchard, J Reed, J Whitear 15-16; M Conway, J Knight, I Blatchford 24-12; P Phippen, N Edwards, D Flower 16-17; A Mansfield, P Onion, J Davis 25-6; J Hall, I Yuill, T Dyer 12-14.

Nailsea 80,Portishead 119 (C&D Triples KO Cup): I Yuill, P Onion, D Price 10-24; D Hole, R Lloyd, J Davis 10 –17; J Hall, J Gardner, D Flower 10-16; A Mansfield, C Winter, J Whitear 16-15; J Pritchard, A Billington, B Holloway 28-18; K Westcott, R Jefferies, R Griffiths 6-29.

West Backwell 107, Clevedon Prom 89 (C&D Co-op Funeralcare Over-60s League): T Bone, D Rigg, B Gammon 22-13; G Dodd, R Keightley, C Perry 20-19; G Brindle, I Wilson. K Dodd 15-15; B Baker, J Hathway, A Robinson 18-12; K Upshall, B Burt, R Hinton 16-8; J Leggett, P Sims, R Langford 16-22.

West Backwell Ladies 33, Portishead RBL 57 (Doreen Ralph Trophy): K Pugsley, J Sims, M Vivian, P Kingston 11-15; C Pugsley, M Warfield, J Keightley, C Burgess 12-19; S Budd, D Gage, V Webley, J Ratcliffe 10-23.

West Backwell 125, Canford 80 (mixed friendly): D Gage, C Lawrence, B Baker, A Knights 25-11; M Boulton, C Langford, C Pugsley, R Langford 30-17; L Bloom, S Townsend, G Brindle, B Gage 22-19; S Budd, B Ellison, T Bone, B Budd 24-14; R Morten, D Ratcliffe, J Sims, J Ratcliffe 24-19.

Congratulations to Congresbury Ladies who have won the Weston & District Ladies League Championship for the fourth year in succession.

Congresbury 88, St Andrews 80 (friendly): C Nunn, M Kimmings, F Horton 21-18; P Dawes, A Lewis, R Archer 11-18; D Norman, R Anniuk, M Huggett 11-23; K Cole, J Freemantle, B Herbison 20-12; C Edwards, D Manning, T Yearsley 25-9.

Congresbury 129, Nailsea 85 (C&D Over-60s League): K Cole, C Edwards, D Byett 20-13; R Stewart, R Anniuk, M Huggett 20-16;J Freemantle, G Andrews, A Fisher 18-14; D Folds, F Horton, R Kirkham 32-13; B Blakley, D Manning, T Lewis 22-16; M Kimmings, D Gosling, R Archer 17-13.

Congresbury 115, Chew Stoke 70 (C&D Over-60s League): B Blakley, D Gosling, D Manning 19-12; P Dawes, M Kimmings, R Archer 12-24; D Norman, F Horton, R Kirkham 24-19; R Stewart, C Edwards, M Huggett 35-5; A Collins, M Hopkins, A Fisher 25-10.

Congresbury Ladies 54, Clevedon Prom 47 (friendly): G Lee, W Manning, P Baker 12-18; J Lewis, L Storey, V Harding 19-14; H Tranmer, C Lewis, A Jones 23-15.

Congresbury Ladies 51, Portishead 47 (Weston & District League): C Wilcock, J Byett, A Jones 19-14; V Harding, C Andrews, B Huggett 17-20; H Tranmer, P Baker, D Harrison 15-13.

Congresbury 92, Bloomfield 61 (mixed friendly): C Lewis, A Harding, A King, R Archer 23-23; B Baker, R King, V Harding, R Becker 21-12; D Norman, S Dury, F Horton, P Baker 26-14; G Andrews, J Lewis, I Morton, B Herbison 22-12.

CongresburyLadies 52, Fosseway 45 (Mendip League): V Harding, R Horton, C Andrews 14-17; H Tranmer, C Lewis, K Herbison 14-15; C Wilcock, P Baker, A Jones 24-13.

Congresbury 1, Victoria 4 (North Somerset KO Cup final): J Freemantle, A Page, I Morton, S Eastment 9-30; R Jones, R King, R Becker, B Herbison 14-28; M Kimmings, M Huggett, R Archer, M Wear 20-24; G Wilcock, A Fisher, T Lewis, C Shipway 20-22; B Baker, R Anniuk, D Byett, R Birmingham 28-10.

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