Clevedon Bowls Club team make early exit from national events

PUBLISHED: 11:56 21 June 2017 | UPDATED: 11:56 21 June 2017

Michael Langley bowling for Clevedon.

Michael Langley bowling for Clevedon.


Men’s and ladies’ teams from Clevedon Bowls Club made early exits from national club competitions.

Clevedon Bowls Club participation in two of the national club competitions came to an end last week when Bath overcame the ladies in the Top Club 75-64 and Bristol beat the men 35-31 in the Club Two Fours.

Bristol 35, Clevedon 31 (National Club Two Fours): D Brightman, A Bradley, M Davis, G Jay 20-21; R Withers, P J Branfield, N Westlake, N Pearce 11-14.

Clevedon 47, West Backwell 59 (Somerset County League North 1): A Folland, B Davis, E Kitchen, D Brightman 13-20; R Conybeare, C Bethune, G Woods, K Bristow 24-18; T Townsend, B Openshaw, C Jarrett, J Brommage 10-21.

Clevedon 2.5, Ashcombe 1.5 (North Somerset 4 Dimension) - singles: D Brightman 21-18; pairs: K Bristow, R Withers 24-8; triples: A Mace, M Payne, G Jay 17-18; fours: G Woods, E Kitchen, M Langley, M Davis 19-19.

Portishead RBL 82, Clevedon 71 (C&D Evening League): R Lord, C Bethune, D Harding, M Langley 26-15; M Cole, P Battram, B Wrightson, J Brommage 19-16; G Woods, R Gaunt, K Frost, P Evans 8-30; R Conybeare, D Iles, A Morgan, M Payne 18-11.

Yatton 74, Clevedon 124 (Weston Over-60s Triples League): T Townsend, G Tripp, C Jarrett 14-22; P Battram, D Priddle, N Cape 19-7; G Drewitt, P Stevens, M Payne 26-10; C Folland, C Bethune, J Brommage 24-10; M Cole, B Davis, P Evans 26-11; B Wrightson, R Pitts, M Langley 15-14.

St Andrews 98, Clevedonm 98: H Austin, P Battram, D Greenside 15-21; G Drewitt, R Lord, C Seward 23-14; M Sutton, C Bethune, P Evans 15-15; T Townsend, D Priddle, N Cape 19-12; D Iles, G Tripp, J Brommage 11-20; R Gaunt, B Wrightson, M Langley 15-16.

Bath Ladies 75, Clevedon Ladies 64 (National Top Club)-singles: S Branfield 21-13; pairs: T Cuff, L Palmer 13-24; triples: P Hussey, J Branfield, L Holden 16-13; fours: D Brown, M Foster, J Drewitt, A Ford 14-25.

Clevedon Ladies 67, Long Ashton 39 (North Somerset Triples League): D Brown, J Brown, J Branfield 23-10; H Sutton, P Hussey, M Foster 30-7; L Wills, M Gadd, A Ford 14-22.

Clevedon Ladies 65, Portishead 37: L Wills, A Ford, J Branfield 20-12; G Townsend, D Brown, M Foster 19-19; L Cox, P Hussey, S Short 26-6.

Di Brooks rolled back the years, by playing the perfect games to win this year’s two-wood competition at Long Ashton, with Mike Harding winning the Plate Cup.

Long Ashton Ladies 39, Clevedon 67 (North Somerset Triples): D Brooks, S Taylor, T Hilton 7-30; T Ricketts, M Wilmott, P Adams 10-23; D Vass, L Taylor, C Bennett 22-14.

Long Ashton 83, Isle of Wedmore 133 (C&D Over 60’s Triples League): C Holloway, M Givan, I Taylor 20-18; B Smedley, B Brice, T Baker 11-31: G Thomas G Gann J Marshall 11-25; T M Lynch, M Harding, E Russell 12-19; C Ramsden P Smith M Taylor 16-19; M Wilmott, J Eaton, J Burt 13-21.

Long Ashton 76 (1), Clevedon Prom 98 (9) (C&D League): T M Lynch, B Brice, K Vass, M Taylor 13-21; M Harding, G Thomas, J Burt, T Baker 16-16; C Norman, P Silva, D Harper, D Odey 13-15; C Ramsden, V Adams, M Givan, J Marshall 18-18; C Hollaway, J Eaton, E Russell, P Smith 16-28.

Long Ashton 57 (8), Avonmouth 38 (2) (Bristol League): I Taylor, P Smith, B Brice, E Russell 12-22; G Thomas, V Adams, A Hall, M Taylor 20-10; D Moore, M Harding, D Odey, J Marshall 25-6.

Long Ashton 51 (3), Frys Bristol 52 (7) (Bristol League): K Vass, V Adams, P Smith, E Russell 21-19; D Moore, C Ramsden, D Odey, J Marshall 14-14; C Norman, C Hollaway, D Harper, M Givan 16-19.

Long Ashton 66, Bradley Stoke 75 (mixed friendly): Alan Lewis, G Doyle, I Taylor, C Bennett 27-9; D Brooks, J Moore, Mike Wilmott, B Brice 5-35; D Vass, D Anderson, Maddie Wilmott, J Marshall 15-22; Ann Lewis, J Withey, D Moore, K Vass 19-9.

West Backwell 59, Clevedon B 47 (Somerset County League): D Rycroft, D Rigg, B Gammon, K Dodd 18-24; A Lovell, P Sims, A Knights, G Arnold 20-13; B Baker, B Budd, J Ashmore, J Couch 21-10.

West Backwell 87, Isle of Wedmore 124 (C&D Co-op Funeralcare Over-60s Knockout Cup): M Naylor, P Tracey, B Gammon, 12-24; B Kelson, G Dodd, K Dodd 14-23; M Chinn, K Upshall, P Sims 11-17; A Lovell, B Baker, A Robinson 18-15; G Brindle, B Gage, R Langford 14-25; I Wilson, R Hinton, J Hathway 18-20.

West Backwell 87, Nailsea 82 (C&D Co-operative Evening League): J Ashmore, M Windo, B Gammon, J Couch 21-21; B Baker, S Wright, A Robinson, R Webber 20-17; S Henderson, R Spragg, D Rigg, J Hathway 11-17; D Rycroft, B Budd, A Knights, G Arnold 20-13; A Lovell, I Wilson, R Hinton, P Tracey 15-14.

West Backwell 113, Clevedon Promenade 92 (C & D Co-operative Over-60s League): D Morris, J Cafferty, R Spragg 12-18; M Chinn, G Elolison, G Arnold 21-11; J Pope, I Wilson, R Webber 14-24; J Leggett, B Baker, A Robinson 29-11; B Kelson, B Gage, J Hathway 14-18; T Bone, R Keightley, R Langford 23-10.

West Backwell Ladies 55, Yatton 55 (Doreen Ralph Trophy): S Budd, C Lawrence, J Sims, J Ratcliffe 30-12; K Pugsley, S Arnold, M Vivian, P Kingston 13-20; S Townsend, B Watson, J Keightley, C Burgess 12-23.

West Backwell Ladies 43, Weston Victoria 59 (Weston & District League): C Cree, M Vivian, P Kingston 17-15; J Sims, J Jackson, V Ray 14-17; D Gage, C Lawrence, B Watson 12-27.

Nailsea 86, Portishead 98 (Weston Over-60s League): J Hall, B Willis, M.Keates 13-20; W Shepheard, J Reed, B Holloway 15-19; M Conway, P Miller, D Price 12-13; I Yuill, P Phippen, J Chivers 22-16; P Harley, P Onion, C Winter 9-19; A Mansfield, A Billington, J Whitear 15-11.

Nailsea 82, West Backwell 87 (C&D Co-operative Funeralcare Evening League): A Billington, J Edler, N Edwards, B Holloway 17-11; D Hole, M Conway, R Lloyd, J Whitear 17-20; J Hall, M West, D Clark, J Davis 14-15; A Mansfield, P Onion, C Winter, M Rowsell 21-21; P Miller, I Yuill, D Flower, I Blatchford 13-20.

Nailsea A 51, North Petherton A 74 (Somerset County League): D Hole, I Yuill, D Flower, I Blatchford 18-27; M West, K Keates, A Billington, J Whitear 10-32; J Prince, R Cook, R Lloyd, M Rowsell 23-15.

Nailsea B 84, Ashcombe B 77: P Miller, P Onion, P Harley, D Clark 16-32; A Mansfield, J Hall, B Willis, J Davis 23-16; B Padfield, A Tonkin, M Conway, J Chivers 11-25.

Clevedon Promenade 47, Victoria 31 (National 2 Rinks): G Hancox, J Fuidge, K Chaney, D Everett 27-14; P Bissett, J Powell, D Demery, C Crees 20-17.

Clevedon Promenade B 55, Winscombe A 47 (Somerset County League): J Grubb, R Cranshaw, P Bissett, R Soper 13-25; J Baker, J Gover, K Morris, K Low 19-10; A Elsy, D Higley,P Fuidge, A Young 23-12.

Clevedon Promenade C 62, Winscombe B 61 (Somerset County League): M Sperring, R Dowsing, A Derrick, P Kinsella 19-20; D Hollier, T Trace, D Loveridge, D Knowles 19-21; A Tinkling, D Kibbey, N Pedder, D Hampton 24-20.

Clevedon Promenade 74, Portishead RBL 92 (C&D League): J Baker, D Higley, A Young, J Bartlett 14-23; S Fuidge, D Hampton, K Morris, C Crees 18-14; A Tinkling, D Knowles, K Low, H Williams 17-19; G Hancox, A Pine, J Fuidge, K Chaney 15-13; A Elsy, P Fuidge, P Bissett, D Demery 10-23.

Clevedon Promenade 98, Long Ashton 76 (C&D League): J Baker, D Higley, A Young, J Bartlett 18-18; S Fuidge, N Pedder, D Demery, C Crees 28-16; R Cranshaw, J Gover, J Powell, D Everett 16-16; G Hancox, A Tinkling, J Fuidge, K Chaney 15-13; J Grubb, K Morris, P Bissett, H Williams 21-13.

Clevedon Promenade 100, Ashcombe Templars 60 (Weston Over-60s League): D Hollier, M Sperring, A Young 17-10; B Neal, P Kinsella, J Gover 20-11; J Barrow, R Dowsing, D Hampton 24-19; K Faithfull, N Pedder, R Cranshaw 23-5; A Tinkling, P Pearce, D Knowles 16-15.

Clevedon Promenade 92, West Backwell 113 (C&D Over-60s League): K Hill, E Trace, H Williams 18-14; B Carpenter, D Hampton, R Soper 24-14; A Tinkling, P Kinsella, D Knowles 18-12; R Dowsing, T Derrick, A Young 10-23; P Pearce, D Higley, A Elsy 11-29; D Hollier, M Sperring, D Everett 11-21.

Clevedon Promenade 91, Victoria 118 (North Somerset Cup): G Hancox, D Kibbey, J Fuidge, K Chaney 13-26; J Baker, D Higley, R Soper, A Young 12-24; J Grubb, B Neal, P Bissett, H Williams 24-13; A Elsy, J Gover, J Powell, D Everett 23-25; A Tinkling, D Hampton, D Demery, C Crees 19-30.

Clevedon Promenade 111, Llansawell Tourists 101 (friendly): K Ellis, R Dowsing, P Fuidge, D Hampton 17-20; S Martin, B Carpenter, J Fuidge, C Crees 22-15; A Tinkling, J Gover, S Fuidge, A Pine 17-20; A King, S Roach, N Pedder, K Morris 17-13; J Barrow, D Kibbey, D Loveridge, D Everett 27-11; T Schofield, H Jeffrey, E Trace, A Young 11-22.

Clevedon Promenade Ladies 65, Congresbury 86 (Top Club): M Dyer (singles) 10-21, L Hardisty, S Pine (pairs) 12-37, C Pratten, S Sharp, L Jones (triples) 17-8; P Soper, E Rowley, S Farnden, L Greeves (fours) 26-20.

Clevedon Promenade Ladies 67, Winscombe 38 (NS Triples League): L Hardisty, S Farnden, A Crees 30-10; P Soper, E Rowley, C Pratten 20-8; M Wood, L Jones, L Greeves 17-20.

Clevedon Promenade Ladies 54, Long Ashton 49 (Doreen Ralph League): L Hardisty, C Drake, E Rowley, S Pine 13-16; A Johnstone, S Farnden, S Sharp, A Crees 28-15; E Perham, B Young, M Dyer, L Greeves 13-18.

Clevedon Promenade Ladies 48, Portishead 45 (Doreen Ralph League): L Hardisty, P Soper, E Rowley, S Pine 15-22; E Perham, S Farnden, S Sharp, A Crees 22-8; C Pratten, S Crombie, L Greeves, M Dyer 11-15.

Clevedon Promenade Ladies 43, Bristol 43 (friendly): L Pedder, J Chaney, J Williams, S Pine 10-18; C Drake, J Hulin, S Oliver, J Jeffrey 17-14; L Welling, J Sperring, E Rowley, S Crombie 16-11.

Yatton 70, Victoria Saxons 122 (Weston Triples League): E Reynolds, D Goddard, D Blundell 10-19; T Vowles, N Jones, S Pascoe 7-27; D Hunt, R Lewis, M Withyman 11-25; M Musgrove, C Parsons, J Knight 17-14; A George, B Foster, P Creber 14-16; P Lomas, B Hardwick, R Bish 11-21.

Yatton 96, Ashcombe Knights 103 (Weston Triples League): E Butt, B Hardwick, P Creber 13-20; T Vowles, C Parsons, N Jones 28-8; A George, P Craig, J Knight 19-14; I Young, R Lewis, D Blundell 10-23; P Hodgskin, P Lomas, R Bish 13-19;

B King, E Reynolds, S Pascoe 13-19.

Yatton A 49, Burnham A 73 (Somerset County League): D Hunt, J Knight, L Howe, T Storm 24-18; T Vowles, J Stacey, N Edmonds, C Parsons 9-33; J Moyse, B Foster, S Pascoe, R Bish 16-22.

Yatton 70, Wrington 84 (mixed friendly): D Hunt, F Jones, C Lewis, N Jones 26-17; J Humphreys, E Reynolds, C Cheesewright, P Allen 16-20; S Carr, I Young, P Welham, B Topham 17-20; A Storm, A Mackay, B Parker, T Storm 11-27.

Yatton 74, Clevedon 124 (Weston Triples League):A Mackay, N Jones, D Blundell 22-14; B King, E Reynolds, R Bish 7-19; P Lomas, C Parsons, J Knight 10-26; E Butt, T Vowles, P Creber 10-24; P Craig, T Passingham, S Pascoe 11-26; D Hunt, R Lewis, M Withyman 14-15.

Yatton A 56, Chew Stoke A 53 (Somerset County League): B Foster, B Hardwick, N Edmonds, C Parsons 26-12; D Hunt, J Knight, L Howe, T Storm 11-26; J Moyse, T Vowles, S Pascoe, R Bish 19-15.

Portishead 98, Nailsea 86 (Weston Over-60s League): J Holland, M Sault, B Sexton 20-13; G Norris, E Daisley, J Herring 19-15; R Piper, A Holmes, J Franklin 13-12; C Skinner, D Taylor, R Brake 16-22; D Clayton, K Gaubert, M Lockett 19-9; L Tassell, G Pears, D Robertson 11-15.

Portishead 94, Chew Stoke 90 (C&D Over-60s League): J Holland, D Moncrieffe, B Staniforth 15-24; C Skinner, K Gaubert, R Brake 20-17; D Taylor, A Holmes, M Berryman 20-17; R Buttress, J Herring, J Franklin 23-10; G Norris, L Tassell, D Robertson 16-22.

Portishead RBL Ladies enjoyed a good win over Canford in the Bristol Ladies League B Division and gave them a maximum eight points.

Portishead RBL Ladies 40, Page Ladies 21 (Bristol Ladies A League): Birth, Gwynn, Davies, Pearce 17-14; Groves, Spencer, Hellens, Gozna 23-7.

Portishead RBL Ladies 37, Clevedon Prom 26 (DRT League): Groves, Strong, Southey, Gozna 15-11; Dando, Rogers, Davies, Pearce 22-15.

Congresbury Ladies 47, Mark Moor 36 (friendly): C Wilcock, E Stenner, R Horton 25-6; L Storey, W Manning, P Baker 12-18; D Davis, H Hopkins, D Harrison 10-12.

Congresbury 41, Winscombe 43 (Tony Alcock Cup, mixed): J Freemantle, C Andrews, D Harrison, B Herbison 15-26; B Baker, A King, K Herbison, D Byett 26-17.

Congresbury Ladies 86, Clevedon Prom 65 (Top Club National): D Harrison 21-10;

C Wilcock, A Jones 37-12; J Byett, R Horton, K Herbison 8-17; V Harding, C Lewis, P Baker, B Huggett 20-26.

Congresbury Ladies 43 Burnham 52 (Weston & District League): C Wilcock, E Stenner, A Jones 11-18; D Davis, R Horton, D Harrison 18-17; H Tranmer, J Byett, P Baker 14-17.

Congresbury 75, Chew Stoke 59 (Co-operative Funeralcare Evening League): G Wilcock, R Anniuk, D Byett, S Eastment 19-14; M Kimmings, M Huggett, M Wear, L Beck 19-12; J Freemantle, T Lewis, R King, B Herbison 21-21; B Baker, P Reay, R Becker, C Shipway 16-12.

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