Busy times for Clevedon’s international players

PUBLISHED: 12:06 28 June 2017

Laura Holden.

Laura Holden.


Clevedon Bowls Club’s international players Laura Holden and Stef Branfield have enjoyed a busy week of competition for their country and county.

It has been a busy week for two Clevedon players, Laura Holden and Stef Branfield, as they played for England in the British Isles Women’s Senior International Series in Llandrindod Wells, Wales.

Teams from England, Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland and Jersey took part and England comprehensively won the series after defeating holders Scotland 114-93 in the final match.

On Saturday they played for the Somerset senior team who beat Cornwall in the Johns Trophy by 153-102 shots.

The following day, they both again played for Somerset, this time in the Walker Cup, and overcame Devon in a thrilling match by 37-32 shots.

Clevedon 4, Portishead RBL 1 (National Top Club) – two-wood singles: D Brightman 18-13; four-wood singles: N Pearce 21-12; pairs: P J Branfield, N Westlake

24-7; triples: K Bristow, R Pitts, G Jay 14-13; fours: A Mace, D Harding, A Bradley, M Davis 8-22

Clevedon 52, Long Ashton 71 (C&D Evening League): R Conybeare, A Brooks, A Bradley, M Davis 14-13; R Lord, K Frost, A Morgan, M Payne 9-19; B Squire, E Kitchen, R Pitts, P Evans 15-17; P Battram, G Tripp, S Meyrick, J Brommage 14-12.

Clevedon 89, Winscombe 96 (Weston Over-60s Triples League): G Drewitt, B Davis, M Langley 18-13; G Tripp, C Seward, P Evans 22-10; P Battram, C Folland, D Harding 18-15; B Openshaw, R Pitts, J Brommage 10-22; H Austin, P Stevens, N Cape 12-20; D Iles, V Perry, A Morgan 9-16.

Clevedon 123, Congresbury 61 (C&D Over-60s Triples League): M Sutton, B Davis, B Wrightson 27-8; B Openshaw, G Drewitt, M Payne 20-10; M Cole, P Stevens, R Pitts 16-14; T Townsend, R Lord, J Brommage 31-13; B Squire, P Battram, N Cape 19-16.

Winscombe 31, Clevedon Ladies 46 (Wessex League): K Hill, H Sutton, P Hussey, M Foster 9-18; G Townsend, J Priddle, J Drewitt, L Palmer 24-5; D Brown, J Brown, S George, S Short 13-8.

Clevedon Prom 76, Clevedon Ladies 50: L Wills, J Priddle, S George, M Rothwell 10-26; D Brown, H Sutton, J Drewitt, S Short 21-32; G Townsend, M Davis, P Hussey, A Ford 19-18.

Congratulations go to West Backwell players Burt Budd, Jeremy Ashmore and Mike Windo, narrow 21-20 winners of the triples event at the Weston Tournament.

The club has also been hosting several prestigious events-the under-25s White Rose; Somerset v Ceredigion county; Ceredigion played a friendly against the club and hosted the Walker Cup match between Hereford and Dorset.

West Backwell 51, Clevedon Promenade 113 (C&D Co-operative Evening League): T Bone, R Spragg, A Robinson, J Couch 13-15; B Baker, S Wright, B Gammon, P Tracey 10-25; D Ratcliffe, S Henderson, R Hinton, G Arnold 10-28; J Cafferty, I Wilson, A Knights, J Hathway 13-14; D Rycroft, B Kelson, P Sims, K Dodd 5-31.

West Backwell 89, Long Ashton 110 (C&D Co-operative Over-60s League): G Brindle, R Hinton, R Langford, 14-15; B Budd, K Upshall, R Spragg 16-23; J Pope, D Rigg, B Gammon 15-20; J Leggett, B Baker, A Robinson 15-16; J Cafferty, R Keightley, J Hathway 12-19; G Ellison, I Wilson, P Sims 17-17.

West Backwell Ladies (and two men) plus rinks from Congresbury and Nailsea 69, Ceredigion County Tourists 158 (friendly): J Jones, E Pope, J Keightley, C Burgess 19-17; D Gage, S Townsend, M Warfield, J Ratcliffe 17-21; M Oliver, C Lawrence, J Sims, M Vivian 8-29; K Pugsley, G Brindle, A Knights, C Pugsley 9-24; C Wilcock, C Lewis, R Horton, C Andrews: 8-32; W Gillard, J Chivers, J Clark, P Hill 8-35.

Portishead B 52, Burnham B 47 (County League): T Bennett, P Williams, D Clayton, D Robertson 16-18; M Leach, M Howland, A Reader, D Taylor 17-11; D Brewer, M Henson-Matthews, M Sault, E Daisley 19-18.

Portishead B 55, Yatton B 44 (County League): G Davies, H Grey, G Lawrence, D Taylor 19-10; T Bennett, E Ormston, D Girling, E Daisley 18-20; D Brewer, P Williams, R Taylor, A Holmes 18-14.

Portishead 104, Ashcombe Templars 81 (Weston Over-60s League): C Skinner, D Taylor, R Brake 18-12; G Davies, D Girling, A Reader 20-15; J Holland, G Comley, J Franklin 17-14; L Tassell, A Holmes, E Daisley 12-14; G Norris, P Williams, T Hounslow 14-16; G Pears, R Taylor, B Staniforth 23-10.

Portishead 95, Portishead RBL 113 (C&D Over-60s League): L Tassell, K Gaubert, M Lockett 22-16; G Pears, A Holmes, F Allen 19-16; J Holland, G Comley, J Franklin 11-23; R Piper, A Reader, B Sexton 17-15; G Norris, E Daisley, T Hounslow 16-10; C Skinner, D Taylor, R Brake 10-33.

Long Ashton Ladies 47, Nailsea 36 (DRT League): M Williams, G Wilcox, I Martin, T Hilton 15-10; J Bird, K Ramsden, S Taylor, P Adams 20-12; D Vass, D Weekley, L Taylor, C Bennett 12-14.

Long Ashton 109, West Backwell 89 (C&D Over-60s League): C Ramsden, V Adams, B Brice 23-16; M Wring, M Givan, I Taylor 19-12; R Thomas, K Bird, J Marshall 16-15; J Oakley, A Lewis, J Burt 15-14; B Smedley, M Harding, E Russell 17-17; L Goscombe, I Webb, T Baker 20-15.

Portishead Ladies 49, Nailsea 50 (friendly): M Reader, P Rennie, P Holland, M Williams 19-13; P Taylor, S Gratton, S Pile, S Daisley 13-18; M Collins, M Howard, M Rex, B Reed 17-19.

Portishead Ladies 50, Long Ashton 37 (NSTL): C Norris, H Withey, A Bridgen 13-11; S Tassell, B Reed, M Williams 14-19; P Taylor, S Pile, R Pears 23-7.

Portishead Ladies 37, Clevedon 65 (NSTL): S Pile, S Daisley, R Pears 12-20; H Luffman, J Brown, J White 19-19; D Franklin, B Reed, A Bridgen 6-26.

Portishead Ladies 43, Portishead RBL 56 (NSTL): C Norris, J Brown, J White 16-12; P Taylor, M Williams, M Cross 12-4; D Lockett, M Withey, R Pears 15-30.

Portishead Ladies 37, West Backwell 46 (WDL): D Lewis, P Staniforth, A Bridgen 9-18; V Hounslow, S Daisley, M Cross 10-15; H Luffman, J Brown, J White 18-13.

Portishead Ladies 40, Clarence 60 (WDL): H Luffman, P Staniforth, R Pears 13-17; V Hounslow, B Reed, S Daisley 13-19; S Tassell, J Brown, J White 14-24.

Nailsea 77, Clevedon Prom 119 (C&D Over-60s Co-operative Funeralcare League): P Onion A Avery D Hole 15-18; P Miller M Conway D Flower 11-22; A Mansfield J Reed J Whitear 13-12; J Pritchard P Harley B Holloway 18-12; R Cook B Willis A Billington 6-28; I Yuill J Knight D Price 14-27.

Nailsea 81, Congresbury 102: J Hall J Chivers J Whitear 15-17; W Shepheard J Reed A Billington 5-23; P Phippen M Conway D Flower 17 14; A Mansfield P Harley D Hole 17-8; A Tonkin P North R Lloyd 13-16; P Onion J Edler M Keates 14-24.

Nailsea 119, Long Ashton 95 (C&D Over-60s KO Cup): A Mansfield J Prince J Whitear 17-18; P Miller M Conway D Flower 33-4; B Willis M Keates R Lloyd 14-16; J Knight A Avery D Price 20-27; P Onion J Reed D Hole 16-13, J Pritchard P Harley B Holloway 19-17.

Nailsea 69, Congresbury 95 (C&D Evening Co-operative League): A Mansfield, A Avery, A Billington, M Rowsell 11-20; D Hole, M West, R Lloyd, J Whitear 15-17; J Hall, P Onion, D Clark, D Flower 15-20; J Pritchard, I Yuill, J Mash, B Holloway 16-21; P Miller, M Conway, P Phippen, I Blatchford 12-17.

Portishead RBL 113, Portishead 95 (C&D Over-60s League): R White, I Gough, J Bridle 10-16; L Slatter, T Birth, B Daly 16-19; A Wellings, K Lane, D Gregory 23-11; M Balsinger, P Davies, D Groves 15-17; J McCarthy, A Gwynn, A Strong 16-22; A Britton, M Bryant, N Rogers 33-10.

Portishead RBL 96, Congresbury 86 (C&D Over-60s Cup): D Welsh, J Nichols, B Daly 13-14; A Wellings, K Lane, D Gregory 17-12; A Britton, N Rogers, J Bridle 20-11; M Roberts, B Norman, K Martin 12-14; J McCarthy, I Gough, D Groves 15-15; T Smith, M Balsinger, R Withey 19-20.

Portishead RBL C 55, Bristol C 50 (Somerset North): T Staniland, N Castleton, A Gwynn, N Rogers 16-19; T Smith, G Chidzey, K Hoyles, R Wilkinson 21-14; B White, J Scott, R Withey, D Iles 18-17.

Portishead RBL 59, Chew Stoke 58 (C&D Evening League): D Groves, A Gray, A Strong, R Withey 16-18; P Davies, T Eden, D Crawshaw, C Pearce 8-17; J Nichols, N Rogers, T Pearce, S Secker 21-11; D Perry, K Martin, B Daly, T Winmill 15-12.

Portishead RBL 1, Clevedon 3 (National Top Club)-two-wood S Secker 13-18; four-wood D Groves 12-21; pairs: A Wellings, D Gregory 7-24; triples T Birth, J Bridle, C Pearce 13-14; fours P Davies, T Pearce, B Daly,T Winmill 24-8.

Congresbury 95, Nailsea 69 (Co-operative Funeralcare Evening League): J Freemantle, M Huggett, P Reay, S Eastment 17-15; B Baker, R Anniuk, D Byett, R Birmingham 20-11; A Collins, A Fisher, R Archer, B Herbison 20-15; M Kimmings, M Hopkins, M Wear, L Beck 21-16; R Jones, G Wilcock, T Lewis, C Shipway 17-12.

Congresbury A 65, Victoria B 49 (County League): M Kimmings, A Fisher, M Wear, S Eastment 22-17; R King, P Reay, D Byett, B Herbison 21-22; B Baker, T Lewis, R Becker, C Shipway 22-10.

Congresbury B 60, Ashcombe A 50 (County League): R Jones, D Gosling, F Horton, R Kirkham 19-17; A Collins, R Anniuk, R Stewart, T Yearsley 23-12; J Freemantle, C Edwards, M Huggett, R Archer 18-21.

Congresbury Ladies 48, Isle of Wedmore 52 (Weston & District Ladies League): D Davis, C Lewis, C Andrews20-16; J Byett, R Horton, P Baker, 12-20; H Tranmer, V Harding, A Jones16-16.

Congresbury 96, Fosseway 41 (mixed friendly): M Craig, H Tranmer, F Horton, V Harding21-13; A P Lewis, D Davis, J Freemantle, P Baker25-9; J Craig, A Harding, C Lewis, R Archer21-12; B Baker, I Shand, R Horton, D Byett29-7.

Congresbury Ladies 53 Wrington 42 (Mendip League): S Dury, C Wilcock, R Horton 13-17; H Tranmer, W Williams, A Jones 15-12; D Davis, C Lewis, P Baker 25-13.

Portishead RBL Ladies 45, Clevedon Prom 48 (DRT): Birth, Naunton, Hussey, Crawshaw 8-22; Groves, Birth, Southey, Gozna 15-11; Gwynn, Rogers, Davies, Pearce 22-15.

Portishead RBL Ladies 56, Portishead 43 (NSL): Dando, Calladine, Pearce 30-15; Gwynn, Rogers, Crawshaw 14-12; Roberts, Davies, Hellens 12-16. Friendly rink: Smith, Southey, Gardner 22-16.

Portishead RBL Ladies 34, Kingswood & Hanham 28 (Bristol A League): Birth, Crawshaw, Pearce, Gozna 15-10; Gwynn, Spencer, Davies, Hellens 19-18.

Portishead RBL Ladies 35, Begbrook 36 (Bristol B League): Dando, Calladine, Rogers, Southey 18-15; Naunton, Castleton, Strong, Bridle 17-21.

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