Australian pairs competition held at West Backwell

PUBLISHED: 14:11 17 May 2017 | UPDATED: 14:11 17 May 2017

John Stacey.

John Stacey.


A fun Australian pairs competition was held at West Backwell, with Mair Warfield and Barrie Baker emerging the winners.

West Backwell held a fun Australian pairs competition. The winners in Group B with 23 points were Jayne Keightley and George Brindle, but the overall winners from Group A, with 25 points, were Mair Warfield and Barrie Baker.

West Backwell 72, Clevedon 113 (North Somerset Knockout Cup): B Kelson, G Dodd, R Spragg, P Sims 23-21; A Lovell, I Wilson, A Robinson, R Hinton 16-18; D Ratcliffe, M Windo, J Hathway, J Couch 12-22; M Naylor, R Langford, B Budd, G Arnold 14-21; D Ryecroft, T Bone, B Gammon, K Dodd 7-31.

West Backwell 75, Clarence A 32 (Somerst County League): A Lovell, I Wilson, B Budd, J Couch 23-6; B Baker, M Windo, G Arnold, P Sims 29-13; B Kelson, B Gammon, A Robinson, K Dodd 23-13.

West Backwell 77, Congresbury 94 (C&D Co-operative Funeralcare Evening League): A Lovell, B Kelson, J Hathway, P Sims 19-12; D Ryecroft, R Spragg, B Gammon, K Dodd 18-15; R Hinton, M Windo, R Webber, J Couch 10-22;T Bone, I Wilson, A Robinson, P Tracey 16-19; R Stevens, A Knights, B Budd, G Arnold 14-26.

West Backwell 100, Portishead 90 (C&D Co-operative Funeralcare Over 60’s League): D Ratcliffe, G Brindle, B Gammon 18-13; T Bone, R Keightley, R Hinton 19-17; M Naylor, G Dodd, B Budd 12-17; B Kelson, J Hathway, A Robinson 17-17; A Lovell, I Wilson, K Dodd 15-18; D Morris, P Tracey, P Sims 19-8.

West Backwell Ladies 52, Chew Stoke 19 (Doreen Ralph Trophy): M Warfield, S Meekcoms, M Vivian, P Kingston 14-6; J Jones, C Lawrence, J Ratcliffe, C Burgess 22-5; V Ray, S Stagg, J Sims, M Page 16-8.

Nailsea 122, Wedmore 102 (Clevedon and District Cooperative Funeralcare Over-60s Triples League): P Harley, D Nicholls, A Billington 15-14; R Lloyd, J Prince, C Winter 14- 21; R Cook, T Dyer, D Hole 19- 21; R Hassell, D Clark, D Flower 28-12; K Harris, J Knight, J Mash 23-15; W Shepheard, P Miller, J Whitear 23-19.

Nailsea 109, Mark Moor 106 (Weston Over-60s Triples League): I Yuill, J Knight, D Hole 18-17; S Brown, B Willis, D Clarke 12-26; A Mansfield, P Miller, J Whitear 34-10; R Cook, J Reed, A Billington 13-22; W Shepheard, P Phippen, M Keates 20-9; R Westcott, J Hall, T Dyer 12-22.

Nailsea B 57, Wedmore B 54 (Somerset County League): M West, B Willis, C Winter, R Jefferies 19-16; P Miller, P Onion, D Clark, R Chappell 18-20; J Hall, M Conway N Edwards, J Chivers 20-18.

Nailsea A 57, Williton 42: A Billington, R Hassell, J Mash, J Whitear 17- 18; P Phippen, J Prince, R Lloyd, M Rowsell 20-13; D Hole, J Davis, D Flower, I Blatchford 20-11.

Nailsea 79, Portishead RBL 110 (Clevedon and District Cooperative Funeralcare Evening League): J Read, P Miller, J Mash, D Flower 14-23; A Billington, M West, C Winter, M Rowsell 10-26; A Mansfield, I Yiull, D Clark, J Davis 20-23; J Knight, M Conway, R Lloyd, I Blatchford 12-22, D Hole, P Onion, R Chappell, J Whitear 23-16.

Ilminster 68, Clevedon 45 (Somerset League Premier 1): D Harding, W Smith, A Morgan, D Brightman 14-25; A Bradley, V Perry, R Withers, G Jay 11-25; A Mace, R Lord, P J Branfield, N Pearce 20-18.

Clevedon 55, Clevedon Promenade 51 (Somerset League North 1): C Folland, C Bethune, K Frost, J Brommage 14-24; R Wrightson, T Townsend, b Palmer, C Jarrett 25-10; R Conybeare, B Davis, M Payne, M Langley 16-17.

Clevedon 108, Chew Stoke 88 (C&D Over-60s Triples League): R Gaunt, H Austin, C Seward 17-15; T Townsend, B Davis, J Brommage 17-13; M Sutton, G Tripp, P Greenslade 17-16; C Folland, D Priddle, M Langley 27-11; C Bethune, B Whittaker, B Palmer 17-16; G Drewitt, P Stephens, A Morgan 13-17.

Clevedon 73, Clevedon Promenade 105 (C&D Evening League): A Mace, D Priddle, A Bradley, M Davis 8-28; F Ham, P Branfield, D Greenslade, M Langley 14-22; R Conybeare, W Smith, K Frost, D Brightman 19-19; R Lord, B Openshaw, C Jarrett, N Pearce 12-17; M J Cole, B Whittaker, S Meyrick, J Brommage 20-19.

Portishead 72, Clevedon Ladies 33 (North Somerset Triples League): L Cox, J Brown, T Nicholson 12-20; G Townsend, S George, M Davis 5-30; L Wills, D Brown, M Foster 16-22.

Clevedon Ladies 66, Clevedon Promenade 49 (Wessex League): P Hussey, S George, M Rothwell L Palmer 30-10; T Nicholson, J Priddle, M Foster, T Cuff 17-19; J Henderson, M Gadd, J Drewitt, J Branfield 19-20.

Portishead RBL 110, Nailsea 79 (C&D Evening League): M Roberts, J Nichols, D Groves, D Gregory 23-14; D Perry, T Barnes, J Bridle, B Daly 26-10; T Pearce, T Eden, D Crawshaw, C Pearce 23-20; T Birth, B Scruby, T Winmill, S Secker 22-12; K Martin, N Rogers, I Gough, R Withey 16-23.

Portishead RBL 34, Congresbury 33 (National Two Rink): T Birth, T Barnes, T Winmill, S Secker 17-16; P Davies, R Withey, D Groves, D Gregory 17-17.

Portishead RBL 44, Weston St Andrews 42 (National Mixed Two Rink): T Birth, D Gwynn, P Crawshaw, D Crawshaw 21-14; J Birth, I Gough, M Gozna, D Gregory 23-28.

Portishead RBL A 50, Bath A 75 (Somerset Premier): P Davies, J Bridle, D Crawshaw, C Pearce 27-10, T Birth, T Barnes, T Winmill, S Secker 12-30; A Wellings, I Gough, D Groves, D Gregory 11-35.

Portishead RBL B 50, Yatton A 48 (Somerset Div 1 North): D Vowles, J Dumble, K Martin, B Daly 26-9; T Pearce, D Perry, A Gray, R Withey 12-17; D Welsh, L Slatter, K Lane, J Nichols 12-22.

Clevedon Promenade B 51, Clevedon B 55 (Somerset County League): A Tinkling, K Hill, D Knowles, R Soper 24-14; J Grubb, D Kibbey, D Hampton, J Gover 10-25; A Elsy, D Higley, P Fuidge, A Young 17-16.

Clevedon Promenade C 50, Chew Stoke B 46 (Somerset County League): A Alvis, S Roach, K Ellis, B Davis 14-14; A King, B Carpenter, P Pearce, D Loveridge 21-14; K Woodey, R Dowsing, Hay Williams, T Derrick 15-18.

Clevedon Promenade 80, West Backwell 76 (C&D Evening League): J Baker, D Knowles, J Gover, K Chaney 7-21; A Tinkling, D Higley, A Young, J Powell 25-7; S Fuidge, D Hollier, A Pine, C Crees 26-9; G Hancox, B Jones, J Fuidge, H Williams 9-16; A Elsy, R Cranshaw, K Low, D Demery 13-23.

Clevedon Promenade 105, Clevedon 73 (C&D Evening League): S Fuidge, D Hampton, A Pine, C Crees 19-19; A Elsy, J Gover, P Bissett, D Demery 19-20; G Hancox, D Higley, A Young, H Williams 28-8; J Grubb, K Low, J Powell, D Everett 17-12; R Cranshaw, P Pearce, J Fuidge, K Chaney 22-14.

Clevedon Promenade 98, Mark Moor 91 (Weston Over-60s League): D Hollier, T Derrick, D Hampton 10-26; K Faithful, P Pearce, A Young 15-18; A Alvis, A Elsy, D Loveridge 13-14; J Johnstone, P Kinsella, J Powell 14-12; K Ellis, B Davis, J Gover 26-10; A Tinkling, R Dowsing, K Low 20-11.

Clevedon Promenade 105, Congresbury 85 (C&D Over-60s League): B Neal, D Knowles, C Crees 18-15; K Hill, R Cranshaw, K Low 18-12; K Faithfull, D Higley, A Young 22-9; A Elsy, J Gover, K Chaney 9-21; A Alvis, B Jones, R Soper 15-22; D Hampton, P Pearce, H Williams 23-6.

Clevedon Promenade 91, Long Ashton 103 (mixed friendly): S Martin, C Fuidge, M Griffiths, H Williams 18-23; G Hancox, R Ward, J Jeffrey, N Pedder 20-15; L Pedder, J Johnstone, P Fuidge, S Walker 14-22; A Johnstone, M Gough, K Hill, K Low 22-20; F Rawlings, J Hancox, J Gover, R Soper 15-23.

Clevedon Promenade 105, Cinderford 94 (mixed friendly): J Barrow, S Oliver, K Hill, N Pedder 14-25; E Schofield, L Fitzpatrick, J Johnstone, T Derrick 15-19; A King, M Sheppard, T Schofield, S Walker 19-13; V Hollier, M Gough, B Neal, A Elsy 19-13; C Drake, L Pedder, B Davis, C Crees 24-11; A Alvis, S Davis, L Hardisty, D Hampton 14-13.

Clevedon Promenade Ladies 45, Clarence 49 (NS Triples League): B Young, S Farnden, A Crees 12-16; P Soper, J Jeffrey, S Pine 7-27; E Perham, S Sharp, C Pratten 26-6.

Clevedon Promenade Ladies 49, Clevedon 66 (Wessex League): C Drake, S Oliver, E Row.ey, C Pratten 10-30; A Johnstone, M Gough, E Perham, M Dyer 19-17; P Soper, L Fitzpatrick, J Hill, S Pine 20-19.

Clevedon Promenade Ladies 43, Wedmore 73 (Wessex League): B Young, J Hulin, L Hardisty, S Sharp 21-20; V Hollier, S Davis, E Perham, L Jones 14-24; M Gough, L Fitzpatrick, E Rowley, J Hill 8-29.

Clevedon Promenade Bowling Club is hosting a new bowler’s charity event, sponsored by Fun City (Clevedon Seafront Amusements) on Sunday from 10am.

Congresbury 85, Clevedon Prom 105 (C&D Over-60s Triples League): D Manning, F Horton, R Kirkham 9-22; B Blakley, G Stenner, T Yearsley 6-23; M Kimmings, R Anniuk, M Huggett 21-9; D Folds, I Morton, D Byett 22-15; J Freemantle, M Wear, R Archer 15-18; P Dawes, A Fisher, L Beck 12-18.

Congresbury 84, Henleaze 82 (friendly): A Collins, C Nunn, R Stewart, D Byett 20-26; R Archer, I Shand, D Manning, R Becker 20-19; D Folds, J Freemantle, P REay, M Huggett 26-12; B Baker, R Anniuk, M Kimmings, F Horton 18-25.

Congresbury Ladies 55, Yatton 69 (friendly): L Storey, H Tranmer, K Herbison 13-17; J Craig, W Manning, R Horton 9-18; V Harding, C Andrews, P Baker 20-14; C Wilcock, A King, D Davis 13-20.

Congresbury 94, West Backwell 77 (Co-operative Funeralcare Evening League): G Wilcock, F Horton, R Kirkham, B Herbison 22-10; B Baker, A Fisher, P Reay, C Shipway 19-16; M Kimmings, R Archer, D Byett, R Becker 26-14; K Cole, J Freemantle, M Huggett, L Beck 12-19; D Manning, G Stenner, A Lewis, S Eastment 15-18.

Congresbury Ladies 67, Nailsea 36 (Mendip League): J Byett, E Stenner, B Huggett 21-9; C Lewis, C Andrews, D Harrison 29-10; C Wilcock, A King, P Baker 17-17.

Congresbury 33, Portishead RBL 34 (National 2 Rink): D Manning, T Lewis, R Archer, R Becker 17-17; M Kimmings, M Huggett, M Wear, L Beck 16-17.

Congresbury A 67, Chew Stoke A 57 (Somerset League Div 1 North): B Baker, R Becker, M Wear, L Beck 21-18; M Kimmings, T Lewis, R King, B Herbison 23-21; D Manning, A Fisher, D Byett, C Shipway 23-18.

Congresbury B 54, Ashcombe B 45 (Somerset League Div 2 North): G Richardson, R Anniuk, M Huggett, R Archer 16-20; R Stewart, G Stenner, F Horton, R Kirkham 25-9; A Collins, J Freemantle, I Morton, T Yearsley 13-16.

Congresbury Ladies 48 Winscombe 47 (friendly): S Dury, P Baker, C Andrews 14-10; A Mew, A Purnell, E Stenner, B Huggett 17-18; L Storey, D Davis, C Lewis, R Horton 17-19.

Portishead RBL Ladies 34, Olveston 28 (Bristol A League): Groves, Gwynn, Hussey, Hellens 16-13; Birth, Spencer, Crawshaw, Davies 18-15.

Portishead RBL Ladies 41, Bristol Ladies 17 (Bristol B League): Castleton, Rogers, Wells, Bridle 20-10; Bird, Gentle, Calladine, Gozna 21-7.

Portishead RBL Ladies 57, Long Ashton 38 (North Somerset Triples): Roberts, Calladine, Southey 26-12; Saunders, Rogers, Pearce 12-14; Dando, Bridle, Hellens 19-12.

Portishead RBL Ladies 53, Chew Stoke 44 (DRT League): Groves, Rogers, Spencer, Hellens 16-13; Birth, Saunders, Hussey, Davies 17-18; Dando, Bridle, Crawshaw, Pearce 20-13.

Portishead RBL Ladies 44, Portishead 42 (North Somerset Triples).

Portishead RBL Ladies 45, Long Ashton 40 (Doreen Ralph League).

Yatton 76, Willmott Park 67 (mixed friendly): A George, T Vowles, M Millard, B Parker 21-16; D Hunt, M Mills, B Hull, P Allen 20-17; J Richards, A Richards, L Howe, N Edmonds 20-18; A Storm, J Hull, S Pascoe, T Storm 15-16.

Yatton A 48, Portishead RBL B 50 (Somerset County League): B Foster, B Hardwick, S Pascoe, R Bish 22-12; D Hunt, B Hull, L Howe, T Storm 17-12; T Vowles, A Richards, J Moyse, N Edmonds 9-26.

Yatton B 56, Winscombe B 57 (Somerset County League): P Hodgskin, E Reynolds, M Musgrove, C Parsons 20-17; T Passingham, T Viney, N Jones, P Creber 19-20; E Butt, J Stacey, D Goddard, R Lewis 17-20.

Long Ashton 48, Clarence 49 (North Somerset Triples League): K Ramsden, P Adams, L Taylor 15-17; D Brooks, I Martin, S Hall 20-15; M Mcgregor, C Marshall, C Bennett 13-17.

Long Ashton 38, Portishead RBL 57 (North Somerset Triples League): T Ricketts, M Wilmott, C Bennett 19-12; D Brooks, J Osborne, S Hall 8-26; K Ramsden, J Eaton, C Marshall 11-19.

Long Ashton 92 (6), Chew Stoke 62 (2) (C&D League): C Norman, TM Lynch, D Harper, A Hall 20-23; C Ramsden, C Randall, G Burt, T Baker 34-7; C Hollaway, A Lewis, B Brice, E Russell 18-19; G Thomas, M Harding, I Taylor, D Odey 22-13.

Long Ashton 47 (7), Weston Bath 45 (3) Bristol League): C Norman, G Thomas, D Harper, D Odey 10-19; I Taylor, M Pemble, A Hall, T Baker 21-10; A Lewis, C Hollaway, M Harding, E Russell 16-16.

Long Ashton 92, Avonmouth 105 (mixed friendly): Judy Eaton, Mike Wilmott, B Brice 25-9; C Warren, P Brown, Maddie Wilmott 17-13; B Smedley, C Marshall, C Ramsden 13-16; J Lambert, D Brooks, John Eaton 13-19; K Ramsden, G Wilcox, T Baker 16-22; G Doyle, D Anderson, T Hilton 8-26.

Portishead Royal British Legion Bowling Club is holding a charity evening at the Lake Grounds bowling green on June 12 (6-9pm).

If you would like to bowl, just wear flat shoes, all equipment will be provided. Hot dogs and a raffle are on offer and all proceeds will go to the RNLI. Everyone welcome.

For more information, please phone Charmian on 01275 316979.

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